Terms and conditions of use

The items on our website are a selected part of the range of merchandise available in our stores, and we normally have multiple stock on the items shown.

We will strive to attend to your order within 24 hours of receipt and set aside the stock for your purchase, and you should receive the goods from 2-6 working days of your order.

In the event that stock is unavailable, we will contact you to make alternative arrangements. You will be able track the progress of your order through our website.

If you purchase using a credit card or Pay Pal using the Pay Pal facility, there is the benefit that no exchange of credit card details is necessary.

However, in the unlikely event that stock is not available, it will be necessary to either wait for the arrival of new stock, arrange an alternative, or arrange a refund.

While it is not necessary to contact you by telephone, this can still be worthwhile to confirm sizing. Please let us know if you would like to do this in the comments on your order.

If you purchase stock using our online order system, we can phone you for your credit card details. At the same time, we will also confirm that the stock has been set aside, and confirm your sizing. Exchanges will still be possible, however our staff have an appreciation for sizes amongst different brands and products and will be able to give advice to confirm your needs.

In making an order on this website, you will also be able to participate in our customer club, and also be emailed information on discounts and new stock.

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